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Intro to EFT or 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Tapping

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Do you wish your life felt as serene as this picture? Well, I can't legally promise that Tapping, or EFT, will give you that kind of serenity but keeping reading anyway...

5 Reasons Why Should You Try Tapping

1. It works. It is not a placebo effect, whether you believe it works or not, it works. Try it and experience it for yourself.

2. But seriously, I originally looked into Tapping and attended a 4-day intensive training in order to better help several of my clients who were dealing with trauma. And while Tapping is great for people who have a history of trauma, I have found that it is an effective treatment for many different areas, including stress, depression, anxiety, weight loss, OCD, PTSD, cutting, and much more. I have found it personally effective for myself and have also seen the positive effects on my clients.

3. Tapping works by rapidly calming down your autonomic nervous system (specifically, the sympathetic nervous system that promotes the flight-or-fight response), thereby reducing the amount of emotional distress you feel. It works both in the moment when you are actively upset/frustrated/emotional by current difficulties and with emotionally distressing memories. This ability to "heal old wounds" is one of the reasons why I find this technique so powerful. Plus, Tapping calms down your emotional response on a physical level- this not a mind trick- you tap on acupuncture points that in turn de-activate your sympathetic nervous system and activates your parasympathetic nervous system which calm you down. It is as if God built in a shut off switch for your flight-or-flight response!

4. You can tap anytime and anywhere. You can tap in public just by tapping on hand or finger points. It only takes a few minutes to tap and feel the positive affects.

5. With the guidance of a trained EFT practitioner, you can obtain healing of traumatic events and emotional blockages that you may have been holding onto for years or that you feel like you cannot "just let go." Plus, things that once bothered you, will no longer bother you anymore because you will not be "triggered" by old emotional memories.

Check back later for a video of the basic tapping protocol. Until then...

For a more in-depth look at the Emotional Freedom Technique and videos, visit -- they also have a great list of research articles on EFT.

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